With the increase of virtual operations, service availability has become a crucial factor. Immediate redundancy is essential in cases where the implementation of the operation rely mainly on data, such as banking transfer, reservations, etc…

Here comes Autonomous Data Guard to the rescue, which minimizes the downtime to the least, to keep the operation running in case of an outage using an identical standby database, that contains all the data saved on the primary database.


How does it work?

Autonomous Data Guard includes several key technologies, that monitors the primary database and help the system automatically recovers as much data as possible, and minimize…

Given the fact that most businesses are currently being managed remotely, and teams are based in different locations, Resource Manager gives you the capability to share and manage infrastructure configurations and state files across multiple teams and platforms. It uses the Terraform to install, configure, and manage resources through the “infrastructure-as-code” model.


Terraform is a tool for provisioning, maintaining and versioning infrastructure efficiently and surely. A Terraform configuration codifies the required components you intend to provision, and the provisioning instructions and variables, in declarative configuration files to run either a single application or even an entire data centre.

By adding…

Loading your data into a database could be an easier said than done task, but not anymore, with one of the new features on the Oracle autonomous database ADB which will make DBA’s life easier.


Before we start let me tell you that you have 2 Oracle Autonomous Database for free as part of our Always Free service tier. Check out this article on Oracle Cloud Always Free Tier to learn more and sign-up!
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Rawan Aboukoura

Techie @Oracle. Bucharest-based | Syrian made | Engineer by week | Squash player by weekend. Opinions here are mine

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